Planning a vacation is an enjoyable experience, as you select your destination, hotel, activities, dining and local attractions. However, during the exciting planning process, there is one important step that many people overlook. That step is securing your home while you’re away.

But do not worry. By being proactive and taking a few simple precautions, your home will stay safe from theft while you are out of town.

  • Since most burglars seek homes that look unoccupied, a top tip is to set a light switch timer to turn on lights at night to give the impression people are home. Another good idea is to hire someone to mow your lawn or do light landscaping, if you plan to be away for more than a week. Your home will appear as though nothing is amiss.
  • Consider a home security system. Some security systems can be monitored from your cell phone making it easy to stay updated while you are away. In addition, there will be a sign that can go on your lawn or near your front door, altering a criminal that the property is being monitored. Be sure to use a reputable company that fits your needs and budget.
  • Another way to make it appear you are not away is to put a hold on your mail and newspaper delivery. You can go online at or fill out a card at your local post office to request a mail hold for a period of three or more days. A phone call to your newspaper will also stop delivery until you return.
  • Consider social media as a potential hazard. We all love to post pictures of a trip and share our adventures. However, you don’t know if your status update of being away could get into the wrong hands, especially if someone shares your posts. The wrong people might learn you are away and if they know your address, it could spell trouble.
  • Tell a local trusted neighbor or family member of your plans and ask them to keep an eye out on your property. If they learn of something suspicious, they can contact you as well as the authorities.
  • Some people might question whether or not to close or open their curtains when they go away. To keep everything appearing normal, keep your curtains as you would when you are home. This will not cause any suspicion to people who are used to seeing your home in a certain way each day.
  • If you normally keep a spare key hidden outside of your home, it is a good idea to remove it before you leave town. A criminal might be able to find it easily, especially if they sense you are away, giving them free access to your home.
  • To further keep your home safe, unplug electronics and other items that could cause damage if there is a power surge. This will also confirm that you don’t accidently leave on an appliance. Turn off the garage door as well to keep intruders from gaining access. This will also save energy as plugged in items still draw energy even when turned off.
  • If you are taking a flight or train to your vacation destination, consider getting a ride from a friend or family member to the airport or train station so you can keep your car in the driveway. If you are driving to your vacation, ask a trusted neighbor to park in your driveway to give the appearance someone is home if no other car will be there.
  • If parking at an airport, don’t leave a portable GPS in your car. A thief could track your location and address and realize you are away.

By taking simple steps, you can relax and enjoy your vacation instead of worrying about the safety of your home. For additional home safety information, please visit

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