When you hear the word “relationship,” what are your first thoughts or feelings? Does it make you feel peaceful or content? Maybe it brings on feelings of anxiety or tension. Let’s take a step back and think about one good relationship that is present in your life. Now what are your feelings when thinking only about that one good relationship? Do you feel happy and relaxed? Are you thinking about a recent memory of something fun you and the other person did together? Are you smiling or laughing? Even if this relationship is great, do you want to learn ways to nurture it to bring further enjoyment?

On the flip side, now we want to ask you to think about one not so good relationship in your life. Is there a person in your life that is bothersome, causes excessive worry or anxiety? Do you feel this person is “out to get you” in a sense, causing misery, depression or despair? Do you feel confused or conflicted about what to do and whether this person needs to remain in your life? Does even the thought of this person make you want to run away?

If any of this rings true to you, you will want to attend our upcoming seminar, “How to Better Utilize Relationships and Manage Toxic Relationships” given by author and life coach, Russ Terry.

During this seminar, Russ will discuss business and personal relationships. Attendees will be able to evaluate and assess their current relationships and decide on a plan how to manage them best. He will demonstrate five options for handling toxic or unhealthy relationships so you can live your best life. Russ will also provide insight on nurturing your positive relationships.

Russ will discuss two types of relationships. Catabolic relationships can interfere with our quality of life, be destructive and limit our ability to experience life fully while expressing our true selves. The second one is Anabolic relationships which are nurturing and help us live our best life.

The seminar will feature hands on exercises to determine your own personal energy levels for both, catabolic and anabolic relationships. You will have the opportunity to devise a proactive plan to help manage your own relationships to get you on track to live your best life. Russ will explain in detail the five options for managing a toxic relationship as well as ways to grow and nurture anabolic relationships.

Russ Terry is a Life Coach and Founder/CEO of Life Coach Radio Networks. His goal is to make the world a happier place. He is the author of two books, Our Gratitude Mission and My Gratitude Journal. His website is http://www.russterrylifecoach.com/

This free no obligation seminar will be held on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 19 Bella, 3401 West Skippack Pike in Cedars, PA. The event will begin at 6:00 pm. Please register online at http://financialvoyages.com/educational-events-2-2/  or by calling 215.256.7845. We hope to help you live your best life at this important seminar.

“Your Journey. Our Passion.”